Monday, November 26, 2012

Cyber Monday

It's Cyber Monday! My GOLPH Card Game is a great game for you, your friends and family and it's only $5 a deck! Shipping is only $5 total on any size order! It's the perfect stocking stuffer and is great for ages 8-128! If you order 2 or more decks, I'll give you a free deck...multiples of 4 (including your free deck) are the best value!

If you'd like to order my card game, here is my game's website: You can buy with PayPal or with a check, and I send your order'll have it in just a couple days.

Here is a YouTube video that shows you how to play. GOLPH is very easy and fast to's fun for you and your family and friends, and it allows everyone to unplug from their computers and phones for a while!

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